Founder’s  Message # 2

Sarfaraz Khan

Non Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) an Asset for Pakistan.

Over 10 million of Pakistanis are living in different part of the world including North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East and these expatriates are performing important tasks in their chosen countries and improving Pakistan's image as well as helping Pakistan by remitting foreign exchange to their motherland but have no voice in Pakistani parliament or in Senate, either have none representation in decision-making prime minister or President's cabinet.

Living abroad, its difficult these days especially after 911. The world has been changed and especially for Pakistani expatriates. This is a time for unity for all of us to make our motherland a peaceful place where a common man lives with dignity and honor.

Pakistani expatriates are highly educated, motivated and experts in their respective fields and can provide assistance to government of Pakistan in various sectors. FOP has designed “A Nation Building Agenda” for Pakistan.

What we can do for Pakistan:

  1. We can increase remittances from 6.1 Billion dollars to a higher level.
  2. We can bring more investment in private sectors.
  3. Help in Education sector. Provide assistance to build more schools/colleges/ universities.
  4. Provide assistance to bring advance technology in Agriculture field.
  5. Provide assistance to bring Green Energy or Power Stations to solve energy crises in Pakistan.
  6. Provide assistance in I T industry.

To achieve all these goals, we must have a representation in Pakistan National & Provincial Assemblies, Pakistan Senate and in Prime Minister or President's cabinet to help them to draw legislations to boost safe confidence in expatriates, thus we want a “Right of Vote” to elect our representatives in overseas countries for Pakistani Parliaments.

I sincerely hope you will support Friends of Pakistan and give us a chance to serve people of Pakistan.

Sarfaraz Khan




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