How to form a FOP chapter :

The FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN chapters are dynamic arms of FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN that carry out our mission to promote a positive image of Pakistan and Pakistani community in allover the world. They assist in presenting an expatriate Pakistanis perspective on issues of importance to the global public. Our chapters also empower the expatriate Pakistani community within their region through political and social activism, training, media relations and internship programs.
More and more communities are interested in forming a FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN chapter within their region. The process of forming a chapter is outlined below:

Part I

1. Have 15 or more people who are interested in forming the chapter and committed to dedicate their time to the formation of a FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN chapter.

2. Fill out the application form and forward it to FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN Chapters along with the bios and contact information of the four main contacts.

3. FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN will assess the merits of the application. We also will look at the people on the form and contact prominent members of their communities as means of reference checks. We do this to all applications to ensure that the chapter is non-partisan and not involved with existing internal conflicts within the Pakistani community in the area. FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN serves all community equally without any prejudice.

4. If there are any concerns they are brought back to the applicants for clarifications

Part II

5. The application goes to the FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN Board of Directors. The Board will decide via teleconference whether to grant initial "Organizing Status" to the chapter.

6. If the Board approves "Organizing Status", the letter of acceptance goes out to the applicants, requesting to arrange for a kick off event with the local community.

7. "Organizing Status" is a probationary status and will last for six (6) calendar months to (1) one year from the date of the acceptance letter.

8. The chapter will then sign the chapter agreement with FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN Global to abide by the bylaws and rules outlined in the chapter manual.

9. The chapter organizes a kickoff event to announce the opening of the new chapter. A member from FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN-National or a Board member will attend the kickoff event to announce the opening of the new chapter. Suggested ideas for this event include workshop, seminar or dinner. FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN provides the trainers for the workshops or speakers for the seminar. It is up to the community to decide what kind of kickoff event would best suit them. Often this is a good opportunity for the chapter to raise some funds for their operation.

Part III

10. After six months or thereafter when the chapter feels that they are ready they can apply for an "Active Status". The approval will depend on how active the chapter has been during this time. Some of the requirements may include:

11. If the chapter has a permanent office managed by full time or part time staff

12. The number of FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN related activities the chapter has conducted during this time. This is evaluated through the monthly reports and participation in the chapter meetings.

13. If the chapter is dormant with very little or no activity, within the first year the chapter application may be revoked.

Please contact FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN at 626-922-9105 if your community is interested in starting a FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN chapter to obtain an application form and chapter manual. Or you can contact through e-mail:


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